Fully automatic water treatment plants …

….a promise that we gladly make and keep to our customers. You will receive intensive training for the operation of the plant by means of training courses and detailed documentation. Because in order to be able to use the technical and economic advantages in the long run, even the most modern plant technology requires your foresighted maintenance and operation.

Studies show that the plant investment. only makes up about 20 % of the total life cycle costs.

BWS therefore relies on a holistic approach that focuses on resource conservation and economic efficiency right from the design stage. In addition, BWS supports you during the plant operation with comprehensive services, so that you and the plant reach your goals permanently.

Together with you, we develop a suitable service concept choosing from many available of service modules.

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Andreas Widmaier

Andreas Widmaier
Head of Service
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Your direct line to the BWS-Service:

Spare parts and wear parts

We advise you competently about original spare parts and wear parts. We analyse which parts are significant for the availability of the system and how quickly they can be procured.
To ensure a high plant availability, operationally relevant parts that are not available at short notice from BWS or subcontractors should be kept in stock.


Fast and professional repairs are particularly important in case of need. Depending on the case, we provide these on site or in our workshop.

Plant maintenance

Preventive maintenance is more economical than unplanned repairs. BWS offers different maintenance packages.

Package 1: maintenance and inspection

Depending on the system and operating time, maintenance and inspection is carried out 1 – 4 times a year by our service specialists. For documentation purposes, you will receive a report with the work carried out and the determined plant condition with corresponding recommendations.

Package 2: package 1 + 48 h troubleshooting service

In addition to maintenance and inspection at fixed intervals, we guarantee you a short-term solution to your problem. You will immediately receive expert support via our hotline. If this hotline cannot help you sufficiently either, we will provide you with a service replacement on site at the system within a fixed agreed time.

Package 3: package 2 + yearly plant audit

In addition, an annual process engineering plant check is carried out by a process specialist in order to check whether the plant is still working optimally and thus the operating costs are minimised.

Package 4: full-service

In addition to the services described in modules 1 – 3, the full service includes the complete supply of all spare and wear parts, consumables and treatment chemicals.
All modules can optionally be combined with our teleservice/remote maintenance.

Plant optimization & Plant operation

Operating conditions often change considerably over time without you being able to influence them. Our process specialists carry out plant audits and will show you which measures you can take to operate your plant more economically. You will always receive a detailed status report of your plant with a corresponding technical and economic evaluation of the proposed optimisation measures.

Teleservice / Remote maintenance
Service Fernzugriff

You cannot see us and yet our specialists are with you with the BWS teleservice and give you the necessary support. Because our plants offer the possibility for remote maintenance.
Our experts check all decisive operating parameters at defined intervals, document the results and immediately report any deviations to you with appropriate recommendations.


Practice-oriented training is the motto of our customer seminars, which are tailored to different target groups. In addition, we offer individual training courses on your systems.

Plant refurbishment

Sometimes, under changed conditions, a conversion or refurbishment is more economical than a new construction. Our specialists prepare an analysis on site and offer possible options. We keep an eye on all disciplines, such as building, plant and control technology.

Chemicals and consumables

With treatment chemicals and consumables tailored to the respective application and plant technology, we offer optimum results with holistically optimized operating costs at the same time. Our experience from the large number of realized projects and our own development are incorporated into the customer consultation and the production of the products. Our extensive range of chemicals and other consumables includes the following product groups:

  • adsorbents
  • activated carbon for water and air
  • antiscalant
  • car care products
  • belt fleece, filter bags
  • bentonite mixtures for waste water treatment
  • biocides & disinfectants
  • defoamers
  • dewatering materials and filter cartridges
  • filter materials for depth filters
  • filter fleece
  • flocculants (liquid and granulate)
  • hardness stabilizers
  • ion exchange resins
  • boiler & feedwater treatment agents
  • coagulants
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • machine and system cleaner
  • membrane cleaners
  • nutrients for biological wastewater treatment systems
  • neutralizing agent
  • organic splitters
  • oxidizing agents
  • heavy metal precipitants
  • special carbons for air and water treatment