Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry 1

Chemical Industry

Various challenges …

… need to be adressed when it comes to industrial water treatment in the chemical industry. They can be found, for example, in the high flow rates of river water treatment or in cooling circuits. Or the material inventory in process or wastewater treatment requires special technologies. Standardized solutions rarely lead to success here. Based on a detailed needs analysis, we offer tailor-made solutions via basic and detail engineering.

We offer pilot plants with competent process engineering support, where processes are theoretically conceivable but have not yet been tested in practice in individual cases. Important design parameters for a scale-up can be varied, checked and the performance can be verified. The design and implementation of the large-scale solution is then carried out on a sound basis without surprises.

Our Portfolio

  • Economic feasibility studies (Total Cost of Operation (TCO) analysis)
  • Cooling water filtration and conditioning
  • Treatment of surface, well or city water
  • Pilot tests with competent process engineering support
  • Demand analyses, feasibility studies
  • Planning for the construction or optimization of complete water systems
  • Chemical-physical wastewater treatment
  • Biological wastewater treatment (anaerobic/aerobic)
  • Water circulation systems and water recycling
  • Energy generation from wastewater
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Plant maintenance
  • Consumables service

Contact Person

Herbert Bassek

Herbert Bassek
Head of Sales
mobile: +49 151 40649668

What makes uns special

  • Expertise and process engineering know-how
  • Profound knowledge of chemical-physical material behaviour
  • Targeted demand analysis
  • Assessment of EX protection/ATEX
  • HAZID & HAZOP analysis
  • Safe working on your sites