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Dosing Pumps
Solenoid-driven dosing pumps BWS-KMS for dosing of various chemicals

Adjustable stroke length:                       0 – 100 %
Dosing capacity:                                   1 l/h – 18 l/h

Optionally with integrated pH measurement, redox measurement or chlorine measurement

Data sheet BWS-KMS
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Dosing Systems
Dosing systems type BWdoS-1/2 are perfectly suitable for simple and automatic dosing of liquid chemicals.

Equipped with solenoid diaphragm dosing pumps BWS-KMS-MF, enclosure, multifunction valve and suction lance, the unit is designed as a self-sufficient compact unit.

Available as single or double station.

Data sheet BWdoS-1/2
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IBC Storage Stations
BWS chemical storage stations enable the uninterrupted supply of medium from IBC delivery containers. Due to the inclined position level a complete use of the contents is possible.

Available for one or two IBCs.

Data sheet BWS chemical storage station
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Preparation and Dosing Stations for Flocculant Aid
The BWS double-stage preparation stations for flocculant aids consist of two chambers, one above the other. The polymer solution is prepared and ripened in the upper chamber. If required, the motorized flap opens and discharges the fully ripened solution into the dosing tank below, from which the prepared and ready-to-dose polymer dosing solution can be continuously removed.

Available for a max. withdrawal quantity of flocculant aid solution of 500 l/h, 1000 l/h or 2000 l/h. Optionally also with powder dosing for solid flocculants.

Data sheet BWS-FHM preparation station
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Bag Filter Housings Stainless Steel

The filter housings type BWS-BFT are easy and safe to handle welded constructions made of stainless steel for holding one filter bag size 1 or 2.
They consist of a cylindrical container shell with a molded cast lid and receptacle. The upper cast lid is hinged and seals via an O-ring. The bags are sealed by means of a special hold-down device, which fixes both bags with steel ring and bags with plastic sealing lip reliably and without bypass. The stainless steel support basket provides pressure-safe support for the filter bag used.

Data sheet BWS_BFT bag filter housing
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Bag Filter Housings Plastics

The BWS-BFT.PP filter housings are particularly suitable for use in chemical and seawater applications. They can be fitted with standard filter cartridges or filter bags.
They consist of a cylindrical container shell, a cover sealed with an O-ring and a base plate. The simple handling allows the filter inserts to be changed quickly without tools.
Thanks to the modular design, double or quadruple filters are optionally available. Non-slip steps can be integrated for easy operation.

Data sheet BWS_BFT,PP bag filter housing